Telescope Crowns And Bridge Telescopic Denture


The telescopic denture consists of:

1. The primary crowns or caps made of precious or non precious dental alloys that will be cemented on the prepared teeth.

2. The secondary crowns (make of dental alloys) that are slipping over the primary caps and thus maintaining the bridge through sliding friction tight on the teeth. The secondary crowns have surfaces of acrylic resin with composite filler.

3. The framework made out of non precious dental alloy is embedded in acrylic and supports the acrylic teeth which will replace the missing teeth.  Telescopic crowns and bridges can be used as retainers for partial dentures instead of clasps and precision attachments. Telescopic crowns have been used mainly in removable dental prostheses to connect the dentures to the remaining dentition. Telescopic dentures are stable, comfortable, long lasting and without clasps. 




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